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Thread: Survival Fitness. Does Fatty die first?

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    Thanks. Lots of great ideas from so many people. The medicine ball is something I need to check out.
    For portability and value, the jumprope is another realy piece of excercise equipment. Be advised that if you haven't jumped rope before, your first several weeks will be spent focusing on skill instead of speed.

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    There are documented cases where the less physically fit have survived and the stronger perished. Being fit is excellent but the single most important factor in survival is attitude. Preparation, skills, and physical ability are important but if you find yourself in a serious situation the survivor mind set will serve you well.
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    Zombieland rule #1: Cardio

    I thought that was funny, lol.
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    Fat or thin or just median, tall, or with short stumpy feet -- when it is your time to'd die no matter what circumstances. I'd like to die in my sleep. No pain. ha!
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    True enough Mom. After a close call awhile back I had a number of discussions about death. I made a flip remark to a friend that I wanted to go out by being shot in the back in my late 90's by an angry husband. My wife, stone faced, asked "Would you settle for being shot in your back by an angry wife in your late 50's." After an extremely short laugh I moved on to another topic.
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    As an exercise program I reccomend the Biggest Loser Ultimate Challenge for xbox kinect. I have dropped 50 pounds since starting using mine and my fitness level has increased noticably.

    The program starts with a fitness test and taylors an exercise regemin for you based on the results. you can exercise anywhere from 20 minutes to 90 minutes a session and you get a different set of exercises each day. there's even a routine for people who are already fit.

    As for the survival aspect overall fitness increases your chance of surviving an encounter here and now let alone after the zombie apoccalypse
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    You shouldn't depick the Fattys ,they stand as a flag for food , you now were to look ! Thats not nice , I don't feel that they because of the wieght will do well !

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    my mouse finger gets the most exercise which could be a good thing as it's also my trigger finger
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    I think obesity is a terrible disease that's really starting to take a toll on health care costs in America, and it's no one's fault except the fat-asses that are too lazy to exercise, eat right, and do something about it. If you don't agree, just go sit in a Walmart parking lot and look at all the fat-asses riding around on carts. It's even worse when you see an entire family that way. I'm 72, 6'2", and 203lbs. fully clothed with boots, 2 guns, and 14 rounds of ammo. However, I'm still about 5 lbs too much around the middle, and get short of breath way too easy. And guess why -- because I've become super lazy and have become a first-class couch potato. I'm already on a regimen of eating less sweets and other junk and starting to walk more. I want to lose at least 10 lbs and fix the shortness of breath problem. I understand that no one can do it but me. It's not easy but I'm gonna do it.

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    In a food shortage SHTF scenario it does not hurt to be the guy with a couple of pounds to lose...

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