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why not get out of the car, let him get in, then with him being on the other side away from the bus, pull your piece and jack your car back. He should be distracted enough while getting in the car for you to get the drop on him. Also at this point you can take positive control of his weapon ending the situation without worrying about the children. Of course when you draw down on him if he wanted to try anything stupid like trying to get his weapon pointed back at you... well your weapon should be at just about his head level...so... boom... headshot
Risky. Depending on where you live, your duty to retreat my preclude you from re-entering the situation after you have surrendered your vehicle. It might be hard to argue self defense if you have already exited the danger and then returned. If he was distracted getting into the vehicle, it would be almost impossible to convincingly say that you still felt threatened.