The least little thing can cause a run on just about any item. Remember the year that Johnny Carson cause an actual shortage of bathroom tissue because of a joke on-air? And what about the year the cranberry growers took a huge loss when somoene said just before Thanksgiving that cranberries caused cancer? The current run on guns and accessories out of fear that the Kenyan was going to grab our guns is a prime example. The only real way to avoid gun grabbers would be to go illegal and get our guns from black market sources. Remember the 4474 forms you filled out when you bought a gun? They used to be one sheet, both sides, now they are four pages! someone mentioned Red Dawn. Remember what the Hispanic Communist leader ordered? Go to the gun shop, get all the Form 4473s and start picking up the guns. I am vigilent, nut I am not losng my head over this, we have seen crises before, and we will see them again. I have faith in the American people to see the government does the right thing. And I am prepared to help do that very job.