Recommendations for a good "shake" flashlight?
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Thread: Recommendations for a good "shake" flashlight?

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    Lightbulb Recommendations for a good "shake" flashlight?

    I'm looking for a non-battery operated flashlight to keep in the BOB. It's not one I'm going to be carrying around a lot of places, just to keep around should I need some extra light and don't have good batteries in my other lights. So the two main things I'm considering are a) brightness and b) length of charge. I've seen some older styles that were pretty dim, and died after a few minutes. Have they gotten any better in recent years?
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    I have 2 or 3 cheap shake up flashlights the ones you shake up and down to charge I got at the dollar tree a while back yeah that aren't to bright but sure is better than nothin I put one of my 5.11s in there with a bunch of extra batteries also

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    shake lights do not last...get a small hand crank if you must but I keep a 150 Lumen tactical on me and therefore do not need it in a BOB

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