SHTF car crevices
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Thread: SHTF car crevices

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    SHTF car crevices

    Has anyone tried building any false bottoms or weird places to hide things on your vehicle? Not drugs or immigrants...but guns and ammo obviously. This would be to escape a vehicle search during a LE or military checkpoint in a particularly bad situation.
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    Considering how long smugglers of illegal objects/substances have been doing this and getting caught, I am pretty sure it's a bad idea. If they find something they might confiscate it. If they find a purposely created hiding place they will probably confiscate the vehicle, tear it apart, and arrest you. Better to keep a low profile and try to avoid problems.
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    Once the dogs are let loose in your car, it's "game over". The dogs find a lot of hidden stuff, many times in places that you would never expect. You'll be better off using products found on sites like: Diversion Safes - Hidden Compartments at

    lava lamps and more from

    Personally, I think the "puncture seal" or "liquid wrench" can safes would be perfect to stash a couple of magazines.

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