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Thread: Are feds stockpiling survival food?

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    The idea of food does deserve more attention. Civil service has closed down the area due to hurricaine concerns in the past. The local stores had empty shelves before I could get off from work. Subtract all the food stuffs that quickly spoil without electricity, the lack of daily delivery due to any upset, and the panic buying any major event would entail. Anyone know a good survival site?
    Go to the top of the page and click on links. There is a survival category there with a number of good places to start.
    By faith Noah,being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear,prepared an ark to the saving of his house;by the which he condemned the world,and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith Heb.11:7

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    Having been through three hurricanes where power was off for several weeks (2004-2005) I became a realist when it comes to "survival food"

    First, unless you have a years supply stored, you really do not have survival food, you have "shortage" supplies. If you are prepareing for post hurricane, flood, earthquake etc, you are likely planning max two weeks. If you are planning war or nuke, that is a whole different story that likely isn't going to work anyway. So I am talking about the first.

    We were always taught MRE's, Freeze Dried, Peanut Butter, Tuna Fish, Canned Goods, etc, etc, etc. BULL! The three most important things if you plan to hunker down during a long term power outage (which is what we are really worried about in these instances) is WATER (we keep 12 cases of half-liter bottles), a small generator and some gasoline (or whatever fuel for it), and a gas grill or camp stove (and fuel).

    Then keep your freezer full of meat.

    If the power goes off, you can move the meet to the fridge to help keep it cold, you can cook the meat as it thaws to have real meals, and the remainder will stay frozen for days. Twice a day you need to power up the generator and run the fridge for a few hours. Every few days, run the freezer for a few hours. With a Honda 2000 watt generator, we used this routine to maintain refrigeration and unspoiled (albiet thawed in the end) food for two weeks on five gallons of gasoline.

    In the end, after doing it three times, my MRE's (actually Mountain House) are still on the shelf, and we use the other stuff like normal still keeping a reasonable supply on hand. I am planning to move three days of MRE's to a "jump kit" with a water purifier and other esentials for the road because in an evacuation is where they would really be handy. (One does not evacuate for hurricanes in South Florida because it is too dangerous of getting caught on the road.)

    If food for more than a few weeks is under consideration, I think more important would be ammo both for defense but more for hunting and a way to purify water, because if life is not back to relative normal (services available) after a month, it is not going to be for a long, long time and eating freeze dried for a year is just delaying the adjustment.

  4. Deep well hand pump. All is not with out water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    Deep well hand pump. All is not with out water.
    Absolutely if there is access to a well. I carry an MSR miniworks water filter coupled with a chemical treatment if needed to be able to convert surface runoff into potable water, because wise words KWO speaks:

    All is not with out water!

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    LOL, russa, china,and North K with Iran, as well as some others, Can you say WWW3!! I can tell you how it will end. it will end with a bright light and a vary long winter for the whole world.


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    Quote Originally Posted by toreskha View Post
    It's always a good idea to have a supply of food just in case, but this sounds more like unsupported sensationalism than anything else.

    The main person who seems to be driving the "government is buying all the food" angle in this article is one source - and he owns a company that sells it. He has a definite financial stake in getting people to buy more of this type of food from him.

    What officials exactly? Who? Middle management at FEMA? This is massive speculation.
    Not just, food, but also a Bible, lots of ammo, and lots of firearms. Just in case.

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