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  1. They all look evil when the barrel is pointed at you. Even the pink ones.Home protection 45 or 12 ga.OOO buck or #4 turkey

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    Oooooo... Pink! Maybe the wife would even allow it to hang on the wall !?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2beararms View Post
    I was handling a 20 guage "Youth" shotgun at a store the other day and thinking that it would make a great home defense or survival weapon. I think I've seen a similar size in 12 guage. These smaller, shorter, lighter guns are designed for young shooters but are a lot less cumbersome when considering handling indoors for home defense.

    Has anyone else ever considered or tried these in practice?
    I've heard people advocate this. It sounds sensible to me, particularly if you have untrained shooters who may need to use it in a pinch. The less powerful shells also have lower penetration. However, my 500A is pretty maneuverable as it is, and it is also my SHTF Katrina gun. I'd rather err on the side of more power.

    Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    Am I the only one who prefers my Mossberg guns with no stock?
    I currently have no stock. Assuming it provides decent performance, I'd probably prefer to go with the top-folding stock with the rubber recoil absorber on the end - that way you can switch depending on the situation, and it also carries shells as well.

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    Not me. Stocks just get in the way, and that's why I prefer not to have one. My hands are the recoil absorber.

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