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Thread: Bug Out Bags, will they get you killed?

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    I have no worries about my skill with small arms. That, I know I've got covered... but, I'm also not a survivalist. I know that much, too.
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  3. Bug Out Bags, will they get you killed?

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    Being out of shape and trying to carry your bag is more likely to get you killed. People put a lot of time and money into their gadgetry and none into the foundation of their weapons system, mind, body and spirit.
    +1 cannot be stressed enough. A lot of people can't even walk a mile or go up a flight of stairs. What so the point if you get a stroke or heart attack from what should be simple exercise ?
    Assuming you are in good shape , your bag should preserve your life not kill you from being too heavy

    I don't like or use the term bug out bag. For myself it is a get home bag , where ever that might be or will be. Mine is about 25 lbs It amazes me how unprepared some people are just in everyday life.

    People crossing mountains passes in the winter with just a light jacket in the car. That sort of thing. It is almost like they are so conditioned to go for the 70* home to to the 70* car with hearted seats into a parking garage into their 70* office. All the while its below freezing outside.

    I was crossing Death Valley once on my Motorcycle. My wire harness fried and my bike died. I was about a 1/3 of the way into the valley and there was not a car in sight. I was there 12 hours before I was able to get myself and bike into a safe location. I was fine I had prepared for the worst; while hot as hell it's was just uncomfortable.

    The Sheriff that stopped and got me a tow he had the other day prior found a car that was broken down and later they found the driver dead a few miles off the road. Where he was headed ? Who knows?

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    Colin Greenwood walked across Death Valley. He did what the aboriginies did in Australia to cross dry areas. He pre-positioned a glass container of water, buried, each about a days walk apart. One got broken before he got there and he nearly died as a result. So he said, if he was to do it again, he'd put such a jug every HALF days walk. :-) What they teach ya to do if your car breaks down in the desert is rig a sign for help, then dig a hole under the car. Use the car as shade, and if you DO have to walk out, then you hide from the sun all you can during the day (ie, dig a hole and lie in it) and walk at night.

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    Most important thing to have with you is knowledge and being fit. Know how to use your tools, make fire, find water etc. Fit so that you can defend yourself, run long distance or hike an unknown distance.

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