read Cody Lundgren's book, 98.6 degrees.
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Thread: read Cody Lundgren's book, 98.6 degrees.

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    read Cody Lundgren's book, 98.6 degrees.

    It's got a PRACTICAL survival kit listed. In other words, <15 lbs, not counting water or food. also, google for "gossamer gear', and check out the 1/2 inflatable "frame" for converting super lw daypacks into something that can make it feasible to walk 20 miles a day, with 30 lbs in a 1.5 lb daypack. If it's WROL, best figure on 5 lbs of concealable body armor, and figure on converting a vest into a pair of boxer shorts. A single buckshot pellet or .22lr bullet thru your bladder, thigh or butt, and you're done, if it's WROL. It might take a day or 3 for the infection or something else to actually cause brain death, but you'll be wishing you were dead sooner.

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    "The Art of Keeping Your @ss Alive"... yes. You should also read: "When All Hell Breaks Loose".

    Good book, read it last year... he's one of the best, bare essentials survivalists out there.
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    His second book was all about mindset, mostly hippism, looked like to me. I think that if you need to read the second one, there's no hope for you. :-)

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