scoped bolt action $400, AK $400, 1022 $200, pump 12, $300,
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Thread: scoped bolt action $400, AK $400, 1022 $200, pump 12, $300,

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    scoped bolt action $400, AK $400, 1022 $200, pump 12, $300,

    all VERY conservative prices, used guns, correct? ok, the total is $1300. Now look at a $700 AR-15, $200 .22 unit (30 rd mag), and now, put a sound suppressor on all 3 of your rifles, costing you at least $600 more than doing same for the AR. Put a folding stock on all 4 of your longarms, say $300, if you are lucky, vs $100 for the Ar. Now put luminous sights on all 4 of yours, $800, vs $200 for the AR, cause it IS dark half of the time. Have $150 trigger jobs done on your rifles, vs same for the AR. Have you got a dark, rustproof finish on all of your longarms? Another $300, say? Gotta thread the barrels on the bolt action and the 1022, at least, in order to mount the "cans", about another $150 more for the 4 gun set up. Need bipods for at least the bolt action and the AK. Another $100 more than the AR system, but that's canceled out by needing the free float tube on the AR.

    Gee, that;s at least. $2000 less for a properly set up shtf longarm if you use the AR, and guess what? You can CARRY the 6 lb M4 and the 3/4 lb .22 unit, along with a BOB, but you can't carry all 4 longarms, and enough ammo to make them worth having. Hmm, now where is that crystal ball, the one that tells you which longarm to have with you, when you need to pop small game, snipe an enemy at 1/4 mile, get into a firefight in the dark at 50 ft, need to ambush 4-5 enemies, get a chance at a deer or othere big critter, need to hide your longarm and pass thru a town.

    Does practice with the 1022, make you good with the other 3? No, they feel and operate too differently. And you can buy the AR system a piece at a time, literally, Get the AR lower first. It can be an 80% finished alloy variant or you can even "build' the plastic one, with a rented 3D printer, then reinforce the weak areas with a hot glue gun. then get the lower parts, then the folding, collapsible stock, then the upper, then the barrel and upper parts, then the .22 unit, etc, Paycheck by paycheck, until you've got it all, or you can go to college part time, get the 3k loan for one semester, sell your blood plasma ($60 per week)

    If you need to grab some money quickly, you can sell or pawn your 4 guns for maybe $700, maybe double that if you have them all set up properly. So you lose money on them. But I can sell or pawn the AR for very nearly what I have in it, because so many people appreciate its superior performance.

    . So you “tie up”/lose twice as much money, by going with the 4 longarms.
    Do you really believe that you have adequate rapidfire with that bolt action? Or enough range, mag capacity, penetration with just the 22 or the 12 ga? Or enough range/accuracy/ammo-parts/mag replacability with that AK?
    Are your sights protected/backed up with those 4 guns? If the sights get knocked off in a fall or, shot off, post shtf, what good is that gun to you? Have you practiced with it enough to be able to hit with just point shooting? Can you carry enough ammo with you, along with a 30 lb backpack of survival stuff, to make it worth having? How many rds each of 12 ga birdshot, buckshot, or slugs will you have, at 10 rds to the lb? 20 each? 20 rds is not all that much of a fight, on cover users at, say 70 yds (well out of reach of buckshot). Even if all they have is .22lr rifles.

    Are there replacement rds, parts, mags, in EVERY NG and military arsenal in the US for your 4 choices, or not? Can you readily affix a night scope to them? So when you start comparing utility vs price, hey, the AR doesn't look so expensive, not at all. With match ammo, scope, trigger job, free float tube and bipod, an M4 is capable of hitting well over half of the crows you fire at, at 150 yds.Why care if you miss every other prairie dog at 200 yds, anyway?

  3. You an AR salesman? Not like I didn't want one before...want one moreso now...

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    I've sold 1000's of them by now with my posts on the Net, for 10 years now. Loved the Commando model since i first saw one, in 1978. with the .22 unit. Once I saw what one could do with scope, match ammo, bipod and trigger job, I was amazed, and then the sound suppressor was the icing on the cake. Even the 11" version, with a free float tube and match barrel, will deliver 3" groups at 200 yds, with match ammo. I really don't care if I miss one prairie dog in 3 at that distance. :-) The 16" version really will keep most shots on a man torso at 1/4 mile. Compared to an MP5 of the same weight and size (canned) the little Ar is an amazingly versatile tool.

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    Quite the ramble you have there. Didn't make it past the first paragraph.

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    your loss

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    As useful as they can be... I'll never be sold on them for what I desire and require in a combat arm.
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    then you're mistaken about what works the best for the realistic stuff.

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    I'm lost.

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    All I need are my savage bolt action .308, my 45acp hk 45, and my vest.
    I have 0-1000 yards covered with more than enough knockdown power.

  11. I think if you wish to survive a shtf problem avoiding large fire fights and using your head to avoid large groups of people will help you to live longer.Skill in wilderness survival,fire making, shelter building,food gathering and having approprate clothing will make the difference.A 22 rifle like the ruger 1022 is best for that,it's light,accurate,and you can carry more ammo in a smaller space.


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