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    Quote Originally Posted by boyzoi View Post
    you might also want to look at your local Militia groups...this is off the Indiana site with a list for other states.
    you will, as was said ,want to be VERY careful with whom you associate, but there are some great and very sane/normal folks in the groups.

    Indiana Militia Corps: Links to other Militias
    I agree. So-called "survivalist" groups tend to have the reputation of being distrustful of the government; so make sure you choose wisely.
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    Looking at a page for one of the Florida militias, it appears that they are fairly insistent about everyone being up-front in terms of identity and whatnot. That's completely understandable, to prevent nutcases and criminals from joining.

    However, it may be asking a lot of certain people to join a militia group on anything other than anonymous circumstances. There may be businesspeople, public officials and people in highly competitive professional positions (and they bring their money and resources with them) who would be interested in joining - if it weren't for the potential of negative "militia group" publicity to bulldoze their careers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pistol pete View Post
    Does anyone have any info or know where I can find info on survival groups?
    Im in New York and I'm interested in finding out if there are any groups near by.
    Thanks in advance.
    Hello Pistol Pete myself and a friend of mine are starting one but we are in Upstate NY. Western part in fact - Buffalo / Rochester area.

    Our website is up but we are still in process of getting it populated with information.

    WNY Survival Group - Home

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    Check out ZombieSquad not only do they do lots of prep stuff, they also do community events, like blood drives and such. Not sure if they have a chapter in NY or not though.

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