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Thread: An idea I had . . . any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamster View Post
    How to dress fish and game is fine but they need to learn the basics on how to fish and hunt to. If this is a long term project, come spring you can work on backyard gardens for vegetables.
    I'm hoping it's a long term project. A couple of these ladies are starting with very close to nothing in the supplies and knowledge areas. I'll do it as long as they are interested--we have plenty to learn and do. They do want to go shooting, so one of these days we'll do that. One has a revolver in her safe and doesn't even know what kind of ammo it takes . . .

    My one friend who doesn't like her meat looking like an animal was getting queasy during the gut the fish demonstration, so she's got a ways to go still . . . but I can see hunting and fishing coming up in the course of studies if I'm the one planning the activities.

    This next Monday we're going over emergency kits/bug out bags--I told them to bring whatever they have and we'll go through them and discuss what they have, how to use it, what they might want to add, etc., and I'm bringing my vacuum packer to pack clothes or whatever they bring and want to put in their kits. I've had my kit for 15 years or so and it's gone through quite a few revisions in that time--circumstances change, or I learn something new and my kit changes--kind of an ongoing project.

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    How about giving us a read out of your bug-out bag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamster View Post
    How about giving us a read out of your bug-out bag.
    It's somewhere in this fantastically informative old thread:

    I think the only changes I have made since then were updating the meds and adding a pair of leather gloves. Although my littlest is 4 1/2 now and I'm about ready to move some of her stuff out of my bag and into her own bag.

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    Maybe you and the others would like to check out this site. It outlines some basic emergency preparedness. It's sponsored by FEMA and the Red Cross.
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    wolfhunter Guest
    This is another informative site, tho the guy won't hesitate to call a fool, a fool. Wilderness Survival Skills

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    You guys/gals have given me some fantastic information/resources!

    I've had to put "class" on hold until after the holidays--too much going on as moms to get all 4 of us together right now. I did have a couple come over to at least see how an elk quarter turns into steaks/jerky/roast/bottled meat. More in January . . .

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    About that vitamin thing.....

    Thanks for the list, Boyzoi. I was unaware that vitamin pills have a synthetic versus food based foundation. Any specific brands that you might suggest for a good multivitamin? I am NOT the type that likes to swallow 8 pills a day

  9. An idea

    Our daughter, who was in Saudi Arabia with the USMC during Desert Storm still refers to MREs as Meals Rejected by Ethiopians. My wife and I are both confident in our ability to live off the land, and now that we are in Washington, we can fare even better than Arizona if TSHTF. I was talking to fellow dispatchers back when I toiled in the radio room for the sheriff's department, and one girl, Maria, said that we didn't need to hunt as long as we had stores with beef, pork and chicken. My comeback was, "What happens when the grocery stores are closed and looted, and you can't get beef, pork and chicken. You will be glad to have the knowledge of how to hunt and prepare the animals you take." When I was in Boy SCouts, we had a visit by an Air Force officer who gave us a class on survival. We then went on a Survival Campout, and the only food we were allowed to take with us was a Hershey bar in our survival pack. Over the week of the campout, I gained 5 pounds. I had rabbit, fish, dandelion salad, sassafrass tea, wild berries and more.
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    Well, you might think I fell off the end of the earth, but I've actually just been really busy. I've been getting together with my ladies every so often and it's been very fun and informative. I have LOTS of plans for them for future meetings, but the ones we recently did were to discuss 72 hr/emergency kits/bug out bags and everyone brought what they had so we could share ideas. We vacuum packed blankets and clothes and all left feeling a bit more with it. Actually found a group of folks going to do a 72 hour kit camp this spring where we'll camp for 72 hours (hike in) with only our kits and see how we fare. I'm dying to bring the whole family--it's only a couple of hours from here, and the experience would be invaluable. We'll see if I can convince the family what a great idea it is . . .

    Also worked on gathering important papers in a notebook plus scans of the documents on a memory stick to be able to grab in an emergency, and had a fire starting day. Ended up roasting hot dogs--I was pretty impressed with us. Started a blog to chronicle the adventures and whatever else I'm up to in the preparedness category here: Adventures in Self Reliance

    I really have been checking in here--mostly reading--not much time for posting! :)

    We've got firearms days on the schedule, but it just started snowing again, so we'll probably have to hold off on those. Also want to get us to a HAM radio class (really clueless here, but can see the use in being able to communicate), and learn some first aid skills. Plus gardening season is fast approaching so we'll have plenty of lessons with that. Fun. Anyway, thought I'd check in here so you all know I'm still around and at it.

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    Ham Radio

    Go to this sight and click the Licensing button for starter info.
    ARRLWeb: ARRL Home Page

    Practice tests here.
    QRZ.COM QRZ Ham Radio Practice Tests

    Tons of info on internet.

    The first tests are real easy. If you had General Science in high school you will do fine with most of it.

    It's just memory like any high school test you had too take.

    There are all kinds of books, tape and Cd's for test prep. But for the first one it's almost not needed.
    We all have had ours for years.

    Look around your area for Ham Radio store or Ham operator. They will be eager too help you.

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