Surviving Riots 6 Crucial Steps For Your Safety
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Thread: Surviving Riots 6 Crucial Steps For Your Safety

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    Surviving Riots 6 Crucial Steps For Your Safety

    When riots begin, law and order can disappear within a matter of minutes. While individuals may not go into a crowd intending to start a riot, group think and the frenzy of the moment bring out the worst of human nature. Violence will be the rule of the day in which you will either kill or be killed if you don’t know these 6 ways to stay safe during a riot.
    1. Be Ready Beforehand
    Even though riots are not organized at the start, you will need to be prepared well ahead of time in case one occurs.
    Secure Your Surroundings and Valuables
    Always be careful who you let into your home, or any other area where wealth might be displayed.
    A home that has tall walls, bars on the windows, CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment is advertising to the world that owners with fancy clothes or jewelry have money and other expensive personal belongings. The best way to not be noticed by potential rioters is to have a home, habits, and clothing that either blend in the neighborhood, or look poor enough to not be worth bothering with.
    Do not keep all of your food, water, and other emergency supplies in one central location. Build multiple hide-a-ways in the walls and in the floors to store valuables. Build bury containers to hide under the house, in sheds or other outside structures to prevent looting as much as possible.
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    The only easy day was yesterday
    Dedicated to my brother in law who died
    doing what he loved being a Navy SEAL

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    Riots tend to occur in the “low rent” parts of a city. Anyone who can afford the recommended structural changes is not going to be living there. I am not saying it would absolutely not happened, but in all the riots that have occurred since the sixties the rioters have not moved to the affluent neighborhoods to loot. What average homeowner can afford a secret exit? To be effective it would require a tunnel with an exit some distance from the house.

    A single window opening is about 33” x 55”; picture windows even larger. Swing-down bars above each window would be ugly and rejected by most wives. Perhaps roll-down shutters could be hidden by a valence. Bars would not defeat a Molotov cocktail.

    I am not rejecting all the suggestions in the article, but many of them are too expensive or impractical for the average homeowner.

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