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    Maxpedition JUMBO versipack

    Read the review and see if it works for you:)

  3. I had one and it's a very good bag!

    I needed something a little bigger for work so I went for this one:


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  4. I have the Fatboy (a bit smaller version) and love it!
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    The Jumbo in the digital camo is the one I've picked for my man-purse. I love it, my wife hates it...
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    I had been eyeing the Versipak since the time I had decided to buy and carry a Sig Compact P220 (Sgt. Sig, I love this thing! Thanks again.) So when I went to the range the other night to try out my second 20 rounds of handloads, I was set to buy the Fatboy. But as soon as I saw the Jumbo that all changed. Jeez, it took over an hour to figure out which of the gazillion pockets to put my assorted stuff in. (This is replacing my backpack that I carry daily.) The only pocket that was easy was the one for the P220. The water bottle pouch holds my stainless pint coffee thermos. The guys at the range all own no less than 1 Maxpedition bag. I looked at the "Last Resort" and wanted it but was paying cash only. It's on my list.
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