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Thread: 6-month emergency food supplies

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    lots of spegetti'o's and mac'n cheese with camping burners we're set.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmarcustrucker View Post
    lots of spegetti'o's and mac'n cheese with camping burners we're set.
    I've heard that too much of one food can make you never want to eat that food again, food apathy or something like that--so far has not held true with the above mentioned meals on my kids ;)

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    I have some of these among my food stash:

    Mainstay Emergency Food Ration Bars - 3600 calories

    They are packed full of vitamins, one little square about (3x3 in) is supposed to be one meal for one adult. Don't taste bad either, and very long shelf life. It's what the coast guard carries on their boats.

    I can recommend a great site for MRE's, Mountain House, Water Filters, and other survival supplies:

    TheEpicenter.comSurvival supplies and practical tips online.

    I've gone through them many times, good people, and good prices.
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    What are some good, easy to cook, long life foods? Heard that boxed Mac & Cheese will last forever. Don't cook so looking for cheap, easy to fix foods. Spam? Will get MRE's too but expensive to rely on only that.

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    Boxed mac n cheese can get bugs in it unless you put the boxes in some other bug proof container (5 gal bucket, etc). I've had some that has gone buggy before.

    Most things in cans last a long time. pineapple juice is an exception--I had some about 7 yrs old and it had expanded the can and when I opened it the juice had eaten the galvanization off the inside of the can! Ick! evap. milk also doesn't keep well even in a can. But canned meals like soups, spam, raviolis, etc. should be fine.

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    The best way to store milk might be powdered milk. I like to get it in individule packets. I got some from Wal-Mart not to long back.
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    Yep, the powdered milk lasts a long time. I have some in cans. Not sure how long the boxed kind would last as it's not airtight, but individual packets sounds real handy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    Bags of dryed dog food lasts along better than mre's and you can feed fido.
    MMmmmmm!!! Gravy Train!

    Ishi, best bet is to just store the canned and dry food that you eat regularly. Canned meats (tuna, chicken, beef stew) canned beans and veggies, boil in bag rice or bagged rice, pasta, canned fruit, etc. Overload your house on it and store it everywhere if you have to. Then start using it. Replace it and rotate it out everytime you eat a can of it. Make a running list and mark it down for the next time you go shopping. Most canned food will store for years and you can eat it out of the can if things are bad enough. I have a few cases of MRE's to get me through the first couple of days, if I have to evac out of my area. That's the easiest and most expedient way I know of for now. Freeze dried stuff can get expensive, MRE's will not get eaten on a daily basis so they expire and get thrown out. But Wally-World, Winn-Dixie, The Pig and Dollar General Store can really get you started for alot less. Good Luck!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ishi View Post
    I'm looking around at different providers of emergency food supplies. Can you guys recommend good ones? MREs don't have enough life span, or a good enough value/calorie for what I need.
    A 'Root Cellar' and garden.
    We have a 20' long metal shipping container smeared with basment sealer we used for our 'Root Cellar',
    Works REALLY good so far once it was burried, and was low cost.

    We put out a large garden and can/preserve everything we can.
    Since we are 'Country Kids', this comes naturally to us.

    We have about two years worth of food, really GOOD FOOD, we know what's in it, in that root cellar, with more to come.
    It's Very easy to rotate stock like this, so you aren't getting stuff getting old enough to spoil,
    And the controlled temprature keeps things MUCH LONGER than you would in a warmer climate, like a garage or spare bedroom.

    The total cost was about $2,500 for the container, welding up the holes, putting a 'Regular' door in it, digging the hole and backfilling with drains around it so it doesn't flood.

    There is no 'Survival' food like a well stocked 'Pantry' of the things you already eat.
    Snow, Floods often keep us from getting to 'Town' a week at a time here and there, and once we were on our own for about 6 weeks, no issues what so ever except for using dehydrated or canned milk and having to make bread products instead of running to town for them.

    Freezer and Fridge never quit working, they are on solar/battery/generator so they stayed running throughout.
    Frozen bread is now in the freezer! I HATE making bread, if the little woman isn't around, mine turns out like a 'Brick' in the bottom of the pan!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Tarzan1888 View Post
    I have 6 to 8 months in canned good that we rotate and then I have a couple of years of food in the form of wheat, corn, beans, honey, milk and so on which I have dry packed. I also have about 400 gallons of water and a well in my basement. :D

    This is also my position, that canned and dried foods you purchase and store yourself are a much cheaper alternative than commercial MRE's. Canned foods probably last at least one year and probably longer. Dried beans stored in stainless steel cannisters (to reduce the possibility of rodents getting to the food) would probably last even longer. If you live in a climate with high thumidity, you can put a pack of dessicant in the cannister to reduce the moisture. Some MRE's would probably be important if you have to go mobile, but if you are hunkering down for the duration, then I'm not sure the expense is justified. Perhaps just that added shelf life is the drawing attraction.

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