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Thread: Looking for Idea's for what to put in a BOB. (Bug Out Bag)

  1. Cash. It's always a good idea to have a stash of money for emergencies in case ATM's and banks are either not working or closed.

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    Bug out or Stay

    The BoB is a good idea to keep in your car or truck should something happen away from home. But I would like to raise some good questions about bugging out. If you lived in the city then life could be very difficult. And leaving may be the only safe option. If you lived in a small town or in the country would staying be more of an option. If you lived in the country or semi-remote area you can store more products, ammo, medications, water, food/garden, just about anything you would need to ride out the SHTF storm. If bugging out by car and you had enough fuel to get there you would most likely encounter roadblocks, road gangs, and possible gunfire from roadside thugs that want your ride or whatever you have in it. What if they damage your vehicle preventing your escape? Most people who have or will prepare for such a day should consider these things. Those that did not prepare will be coming for your stuff.

    Some things to consider if bugging out are:
    1. Where would you go?
    2. How long would it take to get there?
    3. What are you most likely to encounter along the way?
    4. How many supplies like food, water, ammo, would you have left when
    you get here? Where will you find more? You can only carry so much.
    5. Where you are going could be more dangerous then the place you left.
    6. Is it defendable from an attack? Would you have the resources to defend it?

    Any comments or thoughts?

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