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    I am not a huckster for products which has made me unpopular with some gun/gear companies when I write articles about their stuff...but once in a while I run into something that is a phenomenal value and which I would consider to be a bargain at twice the price and this is one of them. At $30 at Walmart this flashlight would be a solid buy at $60 for a general, all around, no crap, work horse, SUPER bright light.

    My 13 year old daughter bought me the light for Father's Day.

    The beam is super focused and when I used it in the mountains of Prescott, AZ last night (finding a nice quiet place to pee on the side of Thumb Butte Road), it bit DEEP into the pines. If any of you are familiar with the moutain roads outside of Prescott...then you understand the depth of the darkness out there. This light impressed me greatly.

    Normally I carry a Streamlight 300L tactical light. I have carried Streamlight for over 20 years on duty/off duty and for general all around use (and I still will) on the body and in my pocket. Having said that...I will buy at least four more of the Bushnell Trackers 750L and have one for each of our two pickups and my wife's Audi. There is also a 1250L Tracker available, which I have also ordered.

    The Xenon bulb has a claimed run time of 8.9hr on full power, with the red/blue light modes stated in the hundreds of hours. The light runs on 6 AA Batteries which I like because I have been places where no CRs were available but AA were everywhere.

    I put up a stock pic from Walmart's web site. For some reason the pic I took with my cellphone and e-mailed to myself hasn't come through my e-mail yet but I will post it when it does.

    Downside...the aluminum body is a little slick and there is no lanyard attachment point. Me being me, I did a simple paracord wrap and made a lanyard that rides in the concave detent in the end cap. Solved.

    The bezel has crenelations on it, which I suppose all flashlights must have in order to appeal to the tactical teddy geardo crowd so they can fight off hordes of attackers and be all ninja like with their, it's the operatory types in the insurance cubicle can buy it too and not feel like they are less than adequately illuminated.

    The body of the light has bumps on it that are supposed to add grip, but really don't do much in that respect. They only add a little gripping surface, so a surface more like the classic MagLite would have been better in my not-so-humble opinion, hence the paracord. Truly those are my only criticisms of this light. I would have LOVED to have had a light such as this one in the early years of my career to replace my old, venerated 6-C Cell MagLite which fit in the baton loop of my duty belt.

    This light has my hardiest recommendation...especially at THIRTY BUCKS!
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