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    Cool survival skill challenge question #2

    Give at least six uses for a large trash bag other than trash.

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    - Gather condensation/dew overnight. Place a rock in the middle to create a collection point for the water. Capture the water in the morning.
    - Keep your boots dry by using the bag and some duct tape.
    - Impromptu tent.
    - Moisture barrier between your sleeping bag and the ground.
    - Protecting taken game from flies.
    - Create toxic black smoke when burned to assist in signaling.

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    put over you pack to keep it dry. cut holes for head and arms to keep yourself dry. Put dirty or contaminated clothes in. Smother the enemy when shooting would make to much noise.
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    Patch for that sucking chest wound discussed earlier, flotation assistance, dry storage for tinder, solar shower, use as screen to block wind from your fire or the opening of your shelter, collapsible pail or basket for food gathering.

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    Fill it with acetylene and set it off for 4th of July fun!
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    Exclamation Trash bag uses

    -put your stuff in it when you make a hasty cache (weaterproof and low vis)
    -float vour stuff in it across a river (keeps your boots and pack dry
    -light subdoing for night time map reading
    -wrap it around a bush and sweat out water for drinking
    -dig a pit and distill water from the dirt
    -rain gear
    -food storage
    -use it as a weather flap on a hasty shelter/snow igloo

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    - Body bag
    - Fill with water, hang from a tree, put a hole in it and use it as a shower (sun will heat up the black plastic to make hot water)
    - Wind sock
    - Fishing net
    - Storing air for use while swimming underwater
    - Liner to use if you have to wear clothes that have gotten wet, such as in a cold climate
    - Put something soft in it and use it as a pillow
    - Put rocks in it, tie the end off and use it as an impromptu blackjack
    - Put some holes in the top, attach a very light platform to the bottom, put a burner on the platform, tie some fishing line to the bottom with a wireless camera under the platform and use it as a hot air balloon to get above the treeline for recon. The bigger the bag, the better.
    - Balaklava
    - Put fruit inside, poke a hole in it and mash the pulp. Juice comes out the hole.
    - Very temporarily store a gas like hydrogen for use in whatever you might need it for.
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