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    Exclamation Survival skill challenge #6

    How many ways can you make fire?

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    Magnesium striker, strike anywhere, bic, old push button spark igniter, magnifying lens, bow friction.
    Do I pass? All are in my camping gear, along with my BoyScout tunafish can firestarters (cardboard and paraffin wax in a tuna can), ball cotton, etc...
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    Jumper cables connected to a battery as an ignition source, automobile cigarette lighter, my Surefire or Streamlight flashlights (I think the lens gets hot enough, but not sure).
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    You can use a spotlight just like a lens. I have a rechargeable one at home...last night I lit up my hand at 4 ft and it got hot real quick.
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    Lint from your dryer makes a good fire starter. Put some in a container like an old 35mm film can and put in your bug out bag. Water proof your matches by dipping them in parafin.
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