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    Exclamation Survival skill challenge #7

    What are your plans for surviving a Zombie outbreak in your AO?
    What is the best way to put down a zombie?

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    Stick em with a silver stake shot from a underwater spear gun?
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    Wound a few liberals to slow them down. (Just kidding, seriously)
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarrellM5 View Post
    Wound a few liberals to slow them down. (Just kidding, seriously)
    You mean like Democrats?
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    wolfhunter Guest
    Distract them with an ecological "crisis" by threatening the 150 year old oak. Then shoot as many as possible while they're slowed down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricbak View Post
    Stick em with a silver stake shot from a underwater spear gun?
    Silver is for werewolfs
    Wooden stakes are for vampires

    Decapatation is the best way to stop Zombies. Sounds easy, but they usually travel in packs, so always keep moving if you find yourself confronted in the open by them. Even if you are in a baricaded area, make sure to have an exit plan.

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    Just climb on top of your roof, with a rifle and lots of ammo. Bring a radio, MRE's and a couple gallons of water. You might want a shotgun, in case one gets smart and figures out how to climb up.
    Shotguns are the ideal zombie dispatching weapon. I would even grab a sword or machete in case you run out of ammo. Of course, you want to bring a single hand grenade, so if you get bit, you can go out like Will Smith in 'I Am Legend.'
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    Flamethrowers, Baby...Flamethrowers! Works on Zombies as well as Trolls and Goblins, although Goblins are reportedly easily fooled and can be diverted and misdirected by the clever defender.
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    Liquid nitrogen, then fire away. Or use molten metal. It worked on the T-1000.
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