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Thread: All of us have our pet calibers...but what if TSHTF

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    My handguns are 9mm and .40 and I'm well stocked on both. Long guns are .22, 5.56, and 12ga. Was able to get my hands on some Lake City 5.56 M855 before my source dried up. My AR will shoot both .223 and 5.56 but really likes the LC ammo. I agree with Toreskha’s note about trading ammo. Probably would be worth more than gold in a SHTF situation. And there’s no such thing as to much ammo.

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    I focus on 45 ACP, 308, 12 ga. and 22 LR. They are my main "Survival Calibers". I also have secondary's in 9mm, 40, 223, 7.62x39, 38/357 and 30-06. I do have numerous other pistols and rifles in various calibers. But I focus on those main calibers and the guns, mags and ammo supply for them. The rest may be expendable and barter material. My wife is more comfortable with 223 because she's somewhat petite, and even though she likes the Glock and 1911 and shoots it very proficiently, she loves a 4" 357 mag revolver and is very fast and such a badass with it. So who am I to argue? The 30-06 is my sporting round and the 9mm and 40 are there because it may be the ammo availability issue. I also have a couple of 44 mag revolvers that I deer hunt and hog hunt with every year.
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