How many knives is too many???
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Thread: How many knives is too many???

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    Exclamation How many knives is too many???

    I carry a fixed blade, a locking folding blade and a Leatherman with a blade every time I'm in the field. It is a redundancy that I have found very usefull while camping and hunting. What are your thoughts?

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    Well even though the Leatherman has a blade I would consider it more a tool than a knife so that leaves you with two. Does not seem excessive to me.
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    sounds good to me. I usually carry a fixed blade and a folder just because i can get the fixed blade out faster if Im in a bind. I agree that the leatherman is more of a tool.

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    I carry a tactical folder clipped to my left pocket and another clipped to the right pocket. The "strong side" one is for defensive purposes and the "support side" knife is for handgun retention and use as a backup. The "support side" knife (Emerson Super Karambit) features the wave opening system so that it opens itself on the draw. I also have a Leatherman on my belt. Both of my bug out bags have a fixed blade inside or attached to the webbing. One of these is a Ka-Bar USMC fighting knife and the other is a Gerber LMF II. On occasion I wear a Topps Cockpit Commander boot knife and I've been looking at neck knives lately. So I'm not sure how many is "too many", but I'm getting there.

    John Connor (Guns Magazine, I think) wrote a great article not long ago about always having 3 or 4 blades on you.
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    I carry a Leatherman, two other knives, and a box cutter. They go on my belt or in my pocket before I pick up my wallet. The only time, since I was 12, that I've not had at least 2 knives, other than at the courthouse or airport, was at boot camp.

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    I'll carry either an uzi or ka bar fixed blade. don't have much call for a folder in the wild.
    I will carry an ontario compact machete also.
    I normally carry a ka bar mule for every day chores around town.
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    For a daily carry I usually have a folder and my gerber multitool. In the field I will add my cold steel fixed blade to my side. So to answer your question I don't think its excessive at all. I will also have a backpacking hatchet somewhere also. Its usually connected to a bag.

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    As for neck knives you might want to check out the cold steel spike series. I personally like the tokyo spike, my wife likes the tanto.

    Be careful with some neck knives as they could be called a concealed weapon and some states dont let you have concealed weapons, only concealed firearms.

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    all i will say is.....

    be sure you have the right tool for the right job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by festus View Post
    I carry a fixed blade, a locking folding blade and a Leatherman with a blade every time I'm in the field. It is a redundancy that I have found very usefull while camping and hunting. What are your thoughts?

    How Many knives is too many? When you weigh so much you fall down! I work a part-time job a few days a week and also work around my property. On my property I carry a fixed blade Cold Steel R1 Military Classic or a Randall of the same design. At work, I carry a Leatherman tool on my belt. I carry a Spyderco Military Folder clipped on one pocket and Mike Sanders Custom lightweight Folder in my pocket. The pocket knife and Leatherman are for utility use and the Spyderco is carried as a weapon/ back-up and never gets used for anything else.
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