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Thread: Staying put "IS" an option

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    It would seem to me that staying home is best (if prepared), but if there is an "if" in the equation then one must have a bug-out route.

    And there is always an "if."

    Reap the Vision...

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    Exclamation Have a plan

    Be flexible.
    Be prepared to walk and or jog a few miles.

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    My plan would depend on what scenario is happening to generate a "stay" or "bug out" decision. Civil unrest ain't gonna happen here (my favorite bumper sticker: "43 below keeps out the riff raff"); we don't have too many folks wandering about the streets looking for trouble once winter kicks in.

    Iif the electric grid is out, then a lot of us ain't gonna have heat (see above about winter here!). I do have a woodstove and a supply of wood, that'll keep us going until we bolt. For the record, I lived here during the flood of 1997; we were in survival mode during the blizzard preceding the flood as we had no electricity because power lines were down (our house is all-electric, heat, lights, etc.). A bit nerve-wracking (wife and young kids at the time) but we held tight thru the blizzard (several days) only to bug out a week later when the floodwaters hit. So, I've got a little experience with surviving somewhat apocalyptic events, at least in the short term. We would need the truck to get anywhere, so hopefully, an EMP has not occurred.

    Long term, the wife and I are now discussing what state we would head to (have to be south) if necessary. This is complicating things quite a bit but I don't see any other option. We have hunting shacks and campers and the like but the cold, long winters would really complicate basic survival. I know the Indians and homesteaders did it, but it doesn't make sense if we have other options.

    Finally, I think the "trigger" is important. If "they" are coming door-to-door, then hole up and fight (if there is an organized resistance) or perhaps retreat to hunting shack while deciding on further options.

    Hey, has anyone considered ham radio? In the event that "they" control communications...

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    Here in South Florida we tend to concentrate on our one major pain in the butt ... hurricanes, as such I am a coordinator for a local emergency volunteer organization that provides emergency communications during any type of disaster so we've spent a lot of time looking at all sorts of scenerios for here.

    In conversation most people say they will leave if "the big one" is approaching or if there is other types of emergencies such as attack or civil unrest, but in reality here in South Florida staying put IS the only viable option because when the SHTF the roads will be so jammed that you are most likely going to find yourself living on the highway with no protection what-so-ever. In hurricane planning such as on the gulf coast people are told to evacuate and go two hours inland. Since "inland" means away from any coastline from here in South Florida two hours inland is Atlanta about a 14 hour drive with the roads open, as traffic fills in from south to north the odds are that no one will be moving anywhere.

    I do have a "bug-out-bag" in the form of a backpack that is ready with survival gear such as water filtration, fishing equipment, tools and other items but it is really only designed to strap it on and walk if things really get bad because I think the vehicle will be useless for at least a few days until traffic clears so my plans all lean toward dig in rather than bug out.

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