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    Exclamation long term survival preps

    1. Food...garden, livestock, fishing and hunting
    2. Water...you can't beat a good well
    3. climate control...a fireplace/wood-stove or solar power and fans
    4. security...If you can not control the property you simply cannot stay safely
    5. medical...stock up on non perishable supplies and rotate perishables for maximum shelf life
    6. be prepared to deal with anything

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    A good Wilderness EMT class.

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    A variety of how to books could also come in handy. A few that I have in my collection are Back to Basics, Stocking Up lll, The manual Of Practical Homesteading, Where there is no Doctor and, Where there is No Dentist. A good survival handbook should be part of your library also. I would also suggest anytime you have the opportunity to learn a new skill do so. The time may come when you can not get someone to repair your pluming, fix a roof, work on your vehicle etc.
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