Need some help from my Southern CCW Holders
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Thread: Need some help from my Southern CCW Holders

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    Exclamation Need some help from my Southern CCW Holders

    this is a little off topic but, maybe I can get the help I need;

    My Mother lived in Mt. Juliet with her Companion ( Lets call him that) On January 13,2011 my Mom passed away. on January 19,2011 she was buried I recieved a phone call from some women advising me my Mom had passed her companion buried her with out calling me. Well from that point on the situation has gotten allot worse. About a week later this companion fordged my mothers signature and sold her car.on February 16,2011 he withdrew all her money out of her checking account Bank of America on
    N. Mt. Juliet Road by using her ATM Card. In the Account was January and, Februarys
    Social Security Disabilities checks plus whatever else she had in there.He also had some female call to tell me all my mothers gold jewerly was stolen (yeah right) being that Im 800 miles away and dont know anyone down there I thought if I post this here maybe someone can recommend an Attorney to help with this Idiot. I've calling both Mt. Juilet Police and the Wilson County Sheriffs they advised me it was a civil matter.
    Yesterday I found out he is still using my mothers credit card. So I begging for little help in putting an end to this scumbags Illegal doings. Everyone I have spoken to in Mt. Juliet knows him as a low life scamer. I guess he has ripped allot of poeple off. well thank you for reading this and maybe someone can give me some help. have a good day

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    1. Do they have common law marrage there. 2. If his name is not on the account that is a felony. If he forged her name on the sale of the car, that is grand theft auto (felony). To bad he didn't forge her name on the Government checks they would raelly like that.

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    The police are correct that until something can be shown as criminal it is a civil matter. I would advise you to immediately find a local attorney that deals in estates and talk to him. Tell him what is happening and let him advise you on what to do. He can possibly handle it or refer you to one near your mother to take charge. One thing that people do incorrectly is waste time trying to find a lawyer. If you contact one and he cannot help you he will more than likely help you find one that will. For instance you don't have to have an expert on gun law to get you out of jail. Pretty much any lawyer can handle that. After you are out of jail you an find an expert in gun law.

    An attorney in estate law can contact probate and put a freeze on your mother's assets and then if anything disappears it will be a criminal case. Do that now.

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    No common law in effect here. They would have had to file an joint Income Tax Return Together.and Evey Document he signed was in my Mothers name, That he Forged.

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