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Thread: Tennessee Open and Concealed Carry Laws and Information

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    TN firearms laws are confusing..even if you follow them closely.

    National Parks - Carry OK
    State Parks - Carry OK (Note: some may still have signs that say "Firearms Prohibited", these signs do not apply to anyone with a valid carry permit)
    Local Parks - Carry is legal by Default per state law. However each local government can pass an ordnance to make carry off-limits. However if they do this, the law requires them to post a sign at least 6" high and 14" wide that says "MISDEMEANOR. STATE LAW PRESCRIBES A MAXIMUM PENALTY OF ELEVEN (11) MONTHS AND TWENTY-NINE (29) DAYS AND A FINE NOT TO EXCEED TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($2,500) FOR CARRYING WEAPONS ON OR IN PUBLIC RECREATIONAL PROPERTY" in prominent locations in the park.

    One exception to the above is Knoxville City Parks...because they had an ordnance on the books before April 8, 1986 that prohibited carry in their parks, they do not have to post signs. However carry there would be a violation of a city ordnance and not the state law.

    Clear as mud now? :)
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    Thanks for clearing that up for me. I guess it's trial and error. Nothing is illegal if you don't get caught.

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