Speaker Naifeh tell us he is pro 2A
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Thread: Speaker Naifeh tell us he is pro 2A

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    Speaker Naifeh tells us he is pro 2A

    Speaker of the house Naifeh tells us he is Pro 2A. I am sure glad he told us because I see no evidence of it. I have to send him yet another email voicing my opinion of his comments.

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    "Well it all depends on what your definition of is is". Bii Clinton.
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    Like the Outlaw Josie Wales said:

    "Don't pi$$ down my back and tell me it's rain"
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    Speaker of the house Naifeh tells us he is Pro 2A.
    Yeah, right! :ranting2:

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    Read the comments at the bottom of the artical. Some seem right on to me.

    Tom in TN
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