With a permit, can the managers/owner carry a concealed firearm?

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Thread: With a permit, can the managers/owner carry a concealed firearm?

  1. Post With a permit, can the managers/owner carry a concealed firearm?

    I own a restaurant in Maury County Tennessee. We do serve alcohol and have a sign posted that prohibits customers from carrying firearms into the business. My question is about me, and my managers. Are we/they allowed, with their concealed carry permit, to bring their firearm into the business? My main concern is for my nightly closers. Some nights the closing manager may be walking out of the building with up to $5,000 to take to the banks nightly deposit box. So in a business that sells alcohol, and has a posted notice prohibiting firearms, can the managers/owner carry a personal firearm?

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    I own a business

    My question is why won't you allow law abiding permit holders to carry yet you want to know if yourself and employees can? The answer is yes but you kinda sound like Nanci P. don't want anyone else to protect themselves but its ok for you. Just sayin.

  4. In accordance with Tennessee law, if you have posted that no firearms are allowed, it pertains to the employees of the establishment, as well.

  5. Sounds like a double standard to me. Whats the name of the business? I'll make sure to spread the word that you don't want our money.

  6. I agree anyone that doesn't want customers that are licensed to conceal carry to enter their establishment I ban them and spread the word. To my friends and my customers !

  7. Personally, I don't think of it as double standard. Patrons of a bar or establishment that sells alcohol should not be allowed to carry. I mean you shouldn't carry if your going to be drinking (just my opinion!) Employees however, who should not be drinking on the job, should be allowed to carry in case of robbery.
    I'm not sure about Tn. but if your business is privately owned, it is considered private property and it is up to the owner whether or not employees are allowed to carry.
    If I owned a business, all of my employees would be trained and armed.......(AGAIN, just my opinion! )

  8. I could simply take down the sign, it was placed there many years ago. its a relatively small town and we don't exactly enforce it. But the sign quotes a law saying that weapons of any kind, including pocket knives and fire arms, are illegal to carry into an establishment that serves alcohol. And the sign may be outdated

  9. So, with that said, us the sign outdated? Or does that law still apply? Is it a federal law, or state? I will be able to quote the sign word for word tomorrow.

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  10. Yes, that particular sign IS outdated. I suggest you remove it. Because of the recent changes in Tennessee's firearms laws, it is legal to carry in a bar, BUT one still cannot drink, while carrying! Businesses that prohibit carrying must post a recent copy of the law, which states that the owner, specifically, prohibits carrying; or post the firearm inside the slashed circle, symbol. I personally suggest you just take the sign down. Truth is, your business would be much safer, if you have armed law abiding patrons, frequenting your place do business.

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  11. That particular sign IS outdated. Recent changes to Tennesse laws require businesses to post a sign specifically stating that firearms are prohibited, by displaying a copy of the law, or the typical firearm inside the slashed circle. Tennessee law now permits legally armed citizens, to carry even in bars, as well as restaurants, that serve alcohol; however, they CANNOT drink alcohol, while carrying. I suggest you simply remove the sign. Your business would be much safer, if you have legally armed, law abiding patrons.

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