McMinnville Gun Show?
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Thread: McMinnville Gun Show?

  1. McMinnville Gun Show?

    Oct. 20-21
    Mega Mart Place
    619 Morrison St.
    McMinnville, TN

    Anybody else thinking of going? Originally from NE TN, I've been to a few of the RK shows before and find them to be pretty decent. I'm hoping for the same out of this one, too. I guess we'll see.


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    I would go if I wasn't camping this weekend... it's just an hour from me.

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    If I wasn't taking the wife for a weekend birthday trip I would talk to her about going. Oh well, her birthday, she gets to decide what to do. Anyway, we have spent to much money on gun related things lately. If we don't slow down we will be in the poor house. :D

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    Well, the camping trip was a no-go... I might be able to make it to the show Sunday afternoon (if I can slip out without my wife noticing).


  6. Well, I ended up not going, either. A friend's grandmother passed and the future in-laws came down, so I did some other things this weekend.


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