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    Quote Originally Posted by tmodel View Post
    How do you think the election will effect handgun carry? Tmodel
    Not sure on a national level. On a state level I think we are in a much better position now that republicans control both houses in the legislator, and hopefully Nafieh will no longer be Speaker.
    “Because when seconds count, the police are only minutes away”

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  3. Getting rid of Jimmy Naifeh as speaker will be most welcome. He is a shady backroom politician and exactly the sort that we need to get rid of in Nashville. I think with Republican control of both legislative houses for the first time since Reconstruction, this can only help gun owners. Now if we can nominate a strong candidate for Governor..

  4. Hello from Knoxville, by the way!

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    Hello from Bristol.

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    Welcome from fayette county

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    Welcome from Nevada, reciprocating state, and who has relatives in Columbia, south of Spring Hill and the Saturn automotive assembly plant.

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    Hello from Connecticut!

    I am a native son of Tennessee who is locked away (not literally) here in Connecticut. I was born in Memphis, and I spent quite a few formative years in the Crockett County area (halfway between Jackson and Dyersburg).

    I miss you guys!

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    Hello from Nashville.

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    hello from Lincoln County

  11. Another Hello from Nashville...

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