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Thread: I guess I get to be first

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    Hello from the southwest corner of the state. Anyone who is not convinced they need to carry, should read the newspaper in Memphis.

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  4. Member from Knoxville.. Joined a while ago never posted, here is my "Hello" post..

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    Hello from Pulaski!

    Stop by and play if you're in the area!

    Tennessee Firearms Taining Academy & Firing Range

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    Hi TnMike, and all you others. I recognize some from TGO.
    "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms." T. Jefferson

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    From College Grove.
    Hi all.
    CCW Permit
    03 FFL

  8. Hello

    Checking in. here from Union City. This would be my first newbie post.

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    A warm hello to everyone from PINEY USA...a small piece of gods country out in the woods between lawrenceburg and waynesboro

  10. I'm here!!

    Here in Clarkville!

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    Checking in from Jackson,TN

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