Any News on the Resturant Carry Bill?
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Thread: Any News on the Resturant Carry Bill?

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    Any News on the Resturant Carry Bill?

    Has it been passed? I know it was supposed to take effect June first but got vetoed. Has it been over ruled yet and if so when will it take effect? We're headed down to Deals Gap for the weekend and I wanted to know if it's legal to carry yet?

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    The state House overwhelmingly overrode the governor's veto yesterday. To my knowledge, the current status of the bill is that the Senate is waiting to override the veto.

    Once both houses vote to override a veto, it must be appropriately drafted in exact language, and signed by the leader of each house. Upon the issuance of those two signatures, the bill becomes law immediately.
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    The seneate overrode the veto yesterday

    However since it didn't pass until after it's orginal effective date, it has to wait 40 days before becoming effective.

    Sen Doug Jackson, the bill's sponsor, said it would be effective 07/14/09
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