Where/when are the DCM matches?
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Thread: Where/when are the DCM matches?

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    Where/when are the DCM matches?

    Anybody know where i can shoot DCM matches in Texas? Interested in driving distance from Round Rock.

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    DCM matches

    hello avidshooter. you might look up central texas rifle and pistol club. not sure of their web address. they're located NW of Waco, near China Springs. I used to shoot down there a few years ago. Great bunch of guys with a very active ( at the time) juniors program. about 1.5 hrs drive from round rock. Also if you look online, or call Tx State Rifle Assoc. they have a person who oversees DCM/CMP, who could point you in the right direction. Email me if ya can't find anything, and I'll look it up in the monthly TSRA mag for ya. Kahr.

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