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    Exclamation Out of state CCW holder question

    Howdy all. I'm currently in Texas for a few weeks, and have a question. I've looked through the forum, and haven't found the info, so if I overlooked it, my apologies. I'm a CCW holder from FLA (a NATIVE Floridian, I might add), and I know that TX is reciprocal, but don't know if there are any differences that I should be aware of. Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?

    BTW, great site here!

    Y'all take care.

  3. Not really. In Texas, you do not have to notify the police when pulled over unless they ask you to step out of the car. In Texas your firearm must be concealed at ALL times, whether it be on your person or in your car somewhere. It cannot be visable. There is no open carry permitted whatsoever in Texas. You are allowed to carry a loaded firearm in your glovebox in Texas even without a permit because it is considered an extension of your home. The police are quite accustomed to people having guns and carry permits. I hope this answers your questions.

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    Do not enter alcohol establishments that display a red 51% sign while carrying. This means that they derive more than 50% of their income from alcohol sales. Carrying is not allowed there. Also, watch for places with "30.06" signs - these are official signs in both Spanish and English that say the establishment is off-limits to carry. There are other places you can't carry like courts and hospitals - look at the Texas DPS (Dept of Public Safety) website for more info.
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    Thanks for the replies! That is a substantial help. I figured as much for not carrying in certain places. The "30.06" sign is news, though. Can't say that I've seen any so far, but then again I haven't been looking for them - but I will be from now on. Everything I've read seems very similar to FLA, so I don't foresee any problems.

    If anyone else has any tips or info, please chime in!

    Y'all take care.

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    While states have different laws, It really doesn't matter where you go , if you use a little basic common sense, you would be hard pressed to get into trouble.
    Good Luck!!!

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    I know this is WAY Late..but for others who come across this as research. Fl allows CONCEALED WEAPONS, ie Knives, Clubs, Machetes, etc. to be concealed. Texas is quite different. Texas only allows Concealed Handguns. Your Fl CCW is only reciprocal for Handguns, not other types of concealed weapons....hope this helps.
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    Im Active Duty Army. I have a GA concealed carry permit. I was going to ask the same thing. Thanks for asking and answering the same question that I had. By the way....I have an XD9 Subcompact....Love it!

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