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    Trigger job - Houston area

    I'm looking to get a trigger job on my XDM 45. I'd like to get rid of most of the pre-travel and get the trigger force down to around 4.5-5 lbs (currently the stock trigger is at 6-6.5 lbs) I'm firearm is used primarily for concealed carry but I also do some competition too.

    Does anyone know of a gunsmith that does quality work in the Houston area on XDM's?

    If I can't find one locally, I might go with Canyon Creek or Springfield Precision for the job - they both have good national reputation for quality work. Problem is shipping the XDM to them costs more than the trigger job itself. If a few people might want to go in on a group ship, that would cut shipping costs per person a lot. Three others and the cost drops to around $200 total. Three minimum, 6 maximum.

  3. I would try the pasadena gun center, east of houston. I have had good gunsmithing done there in the past. Not sure if they will be able to do it, but worth a call.

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    Billy, You may already have taken care of this, but I had the same trouble with my XDM 9MM when I bought it. I sent it back to Springfield and it came back with pull at around 4.5 lbs and virtually no reset travel.

    Also, if Actions by T is still in business in your area, Teddy has a magical touch with trigger jobs: Actions By T - Teddy Jacobson Pistolsmith


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