Moving to Houston - safe place to live?
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Thread: Moving to Houston - safe place to live?

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    Moving to Houston - safe place to live?

    I'll be packing up and moving to Houston in June. I need to find a safe place to live, preferrably a rental house, I'm sick of apartments. My new office will be on the east side, just outside 610. I'd like to be relatively close to work, without having to live in a train car. And I don't want any trouble, ya'll know what I mean.

    Any suggestions on a relatively "safe" neighborhood?

  3. IMHO, anywhere close to 610 is not the best place to live. Although there are those few isolated neighborhoods.
    I lived on the N.W. side (Spring Branch, Copperfield, Bear Creek) for over 40 years.
    I've had friends that lived on the east side just past 610 and I was always uncomfortable going to their houses.
    Just drive through a neighborhood on a weekend where you're thinking about living and if there are more than 3-4 cars parked in the drive or street on the majority of the homes, that probably won't be a good place to live.

    I now live in Tennessee, but my last neighborhood ended up like that and I was fearful for my families safety. We saw more cops there than a police station.

    You're going to have to do some hard homework.

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    Dang, I hate cities. I really do. I've managed to avoid them until now.

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    I've lived in Houston most of my life. Your job is in a not so good area. Fine to work in but that's it. Don't know how far you want to drive or what kinds of things you are looking for. Westhiemer area is not bad and not "all gay" lots of stuff to do there. Anything from Rice Village to Bellaire is nice. Parts of The Heights are nice. Garden Oaks and Oak Forest are good too. Nothing is super close that I would live in. Course you can go way out, like Kingwood, The Woodlands, and Pearland. See I live in the "Greater Houston Area" and I'm 2 towns away and drive 31 miles one way to work. I've driven most the city and currently dispatch. Got any questions I'll help all I can.

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