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Thread: OK Equipment to Carry Concealed in Texas

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    concealed handgun license. it covers handguns and handguns only (and more specifically either revolvers or semi automatics depending on which gun you qualified with). people who qualified with semi autos can carry revolvers or semis, but people who qualified with a revolver can ONLY carry a revolver.

    as far as handcuffs....forget about it. since you ask i am assuming you have zero law enforcement training and dont know the proper way to handcuff a suspect. and if thats the case, you would likely get yourself killed if you ever tried to handcuff someone by yourself...im not joking when i say that. when you handcuff someone by yourself, that requires you to re-holster your weapon. you now give the other guy the opportunity to catch you off guard and take your pistol from you. theres a reason you arent taught proper handcuffing techniques in the CHL class. not to mention, citizens arrests are only lawful in certain circumstances IIRC. and you actually could find yourself in jail for armed kidnapping if you were to make an unlawful citizens arrest.

    if you feel your life is endangered, you shoot...thats why you have a gun.
    This is a good answer
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    It takes officers months and years of continuing training to learn how to safely cuff a suspect. Lets say you have the BG on and ground and your walking up to cuff him/her/them, then they turn over and start fighting. Now you have a ground fight on your hands and you had better hope you know how to ground fight better then them. My handcuffs stay in my safe/gear cabinet! I will never carry them unless I become a police officer. If you really want to detain some BG why not just carry a net gun with you (LOL, that's a joke).


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    Handcuffing suggest to me that somebody didn't go to the firing range often enough! I didn't get my CHL to "handcuff" people! I've been doing that for years. :)
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    Thumbs down Handcuffs

    I'm just not into handcuffs.

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