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    Introduction of sorts

    I'm brand spankin' new to the website and the forum and thought why not introduce myself first to the members that live in the state where I've lived my whole life. I'm new to CC'ing - just bought my first handgun not too long ago and still waiting for my CHL permit to be approved and come in the mail (hopefully not too much longer.)

    I decided I wanted to carry when I got my new job working at a Bank branch located in a higher risk side of town. Even though I can not carry inside the bank as an employee, I will feel better knowing I can have it on my person on my way too and from the bank as well as keep it in my truck.

    Tried to keep my first post brief as possible, thanks for having me.
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    Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your reading!

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    Welcome to the fold. And congrats on ur first pistol. Carry smart carry always.

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    Welcome to the forum, and also CCWing.Glad your with us.Be safe

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    Welcome to Texas CC, enjoy and be safe, if you are robbed in bank sue sue sue. LOL

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    Welcome to the Site. Please ensure you maximize your training to ensure safety and proficiency. It ain't just about strapping on a GUN!
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