Concealed Carry and/or Open Carry Restrictions at RV Parks?
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Thread: Concealed Carry and/or Open Carry Restrictions at RV Parks?

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    Question Concealed Carry and/or Open Carry Restrictions at RV Parks?

    My wife and I are planning on taking the kids camping soon and visiting Six Flags while in Texas. We both have resident permits for MS and actively CC. I'm aware of the restrictions in TX...pretty much the same for MS. Theme parks = no carry. What I am wondering is OC/CC at RV parks? They're usually not a state or national park. To be specific, we want to stay at a KOA campground. I haven't found any CC info or restrictions yet. Can any locals shed some light please?


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    Update...Changed my search wording and found this...

    Can handguns still be left in the car or RV?
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    We fulltime in an RV. My argument would be that the RV is my home (we don't own a sticks-and-bricks house), so I'm allowed to keep weapons in my home.

    Most, if not all RV parks that we've stayed over the last 6 months say no weapons. No one has ever asked me if I have any. I would assume that most put it in their rules because their attorney or insurance company says they have to.
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  5. When you are actually using your RV as a residence then it is your home. But in most states when you are driving down the road it is considered a vehicle just like all other vehicles on the road. Now if an RV Park has a NO GUN sign and you drive in and park just because you park doesn't mean that you are not breaking their rules. You are on their property and they have the right to control within the law what happens or what is allowed on their property. They can throw you out if they find you with a firearm.

    Now in some states that NO GUN sign has the force of law and you are breaking a law and can be cited. They don't have to ask you to leave. They just call the law and you will be cited and maybe arrested. Now in NJ or NY if you have a handgun in the vehicle you will go to jail even if you are using it for your home at the time. Do Use Caution as every state has different laws.
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  6. I contact my local San Antonio KOA by email re this issue and they replied:
    Hi Teri, thank you for asking about the open carry/concealed carry permit. I do not have an issue with a concealed carry as long as

    you do have the proper ID. The Open carry might make feel folks uncomfortable so that would not be allowed. If I am correct the “Concealed”

    your weapon can not be visible at any time. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    I hope this helps. If you have any further questions give me a call on my cell at 210-376-9587

    Thanks again

    Bill Billington

    General Manager

    San Antonio KOA

    As an my park we have a reg on our registration form re firearms but we do not check RV's or vehicles. Although I personally prefer that the firearm be concealed, if I got verification of your allowance to carry i personally would not have a problem with it in my RV park. I believe you will find much the same attitude in Texas.
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    We RV'd full time for over 10 years. Always had guns in the RV and always cc'd. I never told anyone, or even hinted to anyone, that I cc'd or had firearms. Never a problem, even in state or corps parks.

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