**Aggressive Magazine Salesman Stabs Homeowner**
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Thread: **Aggressive Magazine Salesman Stabs Homeowner**

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    Exclamation **Aggressive Magazine Salesman Stabs Homeowner**

    **Attention fellow Texans**
    Aggressive Magazine Salesman Stabs Homeowner (Cuts His Throat).

    Be careful folks, my wife also encountered an aggressive magazine sales person at our home just last week.
    Apparently many of these 'sales people' are Felons.

    Door-to-door magazine solicitor stabs Dallas resident | wfaa.com Dallas - Fort Worth
    Fascist's are Magicians...They can make our Property, our Freedom's & even our Children 'Disappear'.

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    Agressive Criminal Trespassing Magazine Salesman Shot by Homeowner for bringing knife to gunfight.

  4. We've had those magazine sales thugs, err, "inner city youth" types come around back a few years ago. Yeah, like we're going to buy anything from you after you were rattling the door handle hoping to find it open. Not just once either, but every time they stopped by.

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    I have had people trying to sell candy to support something, paintings, food items of all sorts, etc. I can't stand by my door and watch them because I have those stupid 'side lights' (long slender windows on either side of the door) and they can see me, too. I simply yell through the door to go away....

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    I put up a sign...NO SOLICITING! I would not let my kids go door to door selling school stuff! I would just buy it all myself. I really liked candy season...lol.

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