CCL for Green Card Holder?
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Thread: CCL for Green Card Holder?

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    CCL for Green Card Holder?


    I can't find anything specific on the subject of CCL for Green Card holders. Is it possible for a GC to obtain a CCL in Texas? Are there any special restrictions or requirements?



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    To get a CHL in Texas you must be a permanent resident alien who is not here on a non-immigrant visa.

    Here is a link.

    TxDPS - CHL FAQs
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    Green Card holders are OK! Thanks Charlie, my wife will be happy!

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    This was a great question, that honestly I had not given any thought to until recently. It appears that the SAF just won a case defending this right for legal resident aliens here in MA, and that they have been pursuing similar cases in other states where this right is not being protected. Glad to hear that Texas is already squared away on that one.

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