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Thread: Visiting Texas From Wyoming - How to conceal in warm weather?

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    Buy yourself a Dallas Cowboys jersey and get on about your business! I also like guayabera shirts.
    Even better a Texas Ranger jersey in summer weight.

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    I'm in far West TX. IWB holster ant untucked T shirt are fine here. But it's dry here, so you'll need to take serious consideration of perspiration in Arlington. Have a good trip.

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    I come from the "tuck the shirt in persuasion" too, but had to change the way I dress to accomodate carrying concealed. Fortunately, I had a collection of Hawaiian ***** that I now wear untucked. I know it's cold in Wyoming, but you must have some loose T shirts or polo shirts you could wear untucked for this trip? My experience has been that as long as you don't act strange, most people won't give you a second glance. And, it seems that at least here in Southern California, more people than not wear their shirts untucked these days. It's not the style I like, but as they say, you have to dress around the gun (for which I have a Kar PM9 when I absolutely have to look professional, i.e. tucked shirt)

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    Well, I appreciate all of the responses here. I eventually borrowed a shoulder holster from a friend with a similar pistol, and used it while I was in Texas. The IWB holster didn't work for me as my pants fit snug, and having the pistol in my waistband was a lil' painful. The shoulder holster along with my vest worked just fine for me though, and I'm guessing no one knew I was "carrying" as I made it back to Wyoming without being hassled by LE. It was nice to cross into Colorado where I no longer needed to conceal. :)
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