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    Its crap! You get what you pay for.

  3. Ditto on the other comments. I have a C-9. Not a bad gun for the low price. Definitely not a very concealable gun, but I know someone who has open carried his and it didn't look too bad. I have problems with the last couple of rounds in the magazine feeding through mine, but I may be able to resolve that with a dis-assembly and thorough cleaning of the magazine.

  4. I had a dealer tell me of a customer that left it his glovebox. It melted just enough to not cycle.

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    Have never had an issue with mine. It's a fun range/varmit gun. Accurate and not hard on the wrist. It's heavy and too bulky for concealed. I run 115 gr fmj in this one, no problems. Like any gun, clean them once in awhile. Mine is in the Jeep or on the boat. No issues with the mags, some have had to polish the ramp, don't limp wrist it, and it goes bang every time. They are actually fun to shoot.

    One problem is that the firing pin is also used to eject the shell. It is not a good idea to cycle a live round as it may go off.

  6. One word "Classic"..
    I've had my Hi-Power over 30 years with 10,000 plus rounds down range.
    If I "knew" I was going to be in a pistol fire fight...give me my Hi-Power!
    If your a big man weight and size won't bother you...but it's single action-automatic is the down fall...so rack'it and get it on!
    My kids have made me put it in my will that they go to the range after my death and the best shot gets to take it home!
    Just remember almost 100 year after John Browning put the design to paper.."We're still talking about it for a reason!"

  7. My first handgun was a HP .40. It was the right price for me as a beginner. My second handgun was the 9mm. I bought the .40 new and the 9mm used. Both I personally have put 3000+ rounds through with much less than 1% of the rounds failing to fire. They are reliable, accurate and easy to shoot. The only reason I choose not to carry either is the physical placement of the mag release and safety. For me they are too easy to slow you down or make the weapon not perform when needed. (mag release easily drops mag etc) In general, great guns for the money

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    I carry my 9mm Hi Point every day, and it's on the bedside table every night. Had a few jams when it was new, but after a couple hundred rounds nothing wrong happens - I point it, squeeze the trigger, and it goes bang. Always use the cheapest ammunition I can find. Have three magazines, none of them cause any problems. The only reason I got it was that their .45 was too heavy, although I have carried it concealed from time to time. Mholland: I hope your father doesn't have a 45mm of any manufacturer; it would be a little bit on the heavy side. I mean, 45mm is about 1 3/4 inches in diameter.

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    Have had jamming issues, piece of crap. Sorry spend a little more and get a lot more gun.

  10. I have one that I cc every day. I run Federal +P rounds and never have a feed problem. I have done the mods on the mags (i have 3 ten round mags and 1 factory eight rd. I have more expensive pistols and the HP is just as good as any of them.

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    More money does not necessarily mean better quality. Yes I have had some feed issues with it, but after some patience and tlc, the ole brick is flawless, and it doesn't take long to break one in. Went to qualify for ccw permit and to my astonishment, a Glock jammed not once, but numerous times (gasp!!!) Probably wasn't the gun. It was technique. I wonder how many similar stories could be attributed to people just not "wrapping their fingers" around the gun when firing. If given the opportunity do it over, I would buy a Hi Point without hesitation. More money doesn't necessarily mean better reliability. More money means... a thinner wallet at the end of the day.

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