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  1. I have both the pistol and the carbine.

    Best warranty in gun industry, a YouTube tested their warranty by dragging pistol for half a mile than sent it in..

    Love shooting the carbine, but only 10 round magazine. The 15 round aftermarket magazine has a chance to damage rifle and is the only thing that voids waranty to my knowledge.

    The pistol is heavy with a wide grip, so if you have small hands this is not your firearm.

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    I have a bunch of Hi-Points. Would not be my go to gun for HD, CC or SHTF. But for range guns, they are what they are. Cheap, will eat most ammo, & are fun to shoot. Have made many converts over time with folks who would talk trash about them.

    Put one in your hand & shoot it. If you don't like it, move on.

    Some good info here. Hang out for awhile. Bet there's somebody from your neck of the woods that would gladly let you shoot.

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  5. I have a C9 that I picked up because of price and wallet. Had a minor issue when I first took it to the range but that was my error in the way I loaded the first magazine. No issues after that. It is a heavier gun for its size so holding it for extended periods can be challenging. Trigger pull is also on the heavy side but mine broke smoothly. Was not running time tests so wasn't checking for reset. It was first trip to range and was mainly looking to identify shot location with point of aim. It was close. I had used a laser bore sight at home to tweak the sights which were a little off initially. Front sight is fixed bur rear sight is 2 way adjustable. Overall my opinion is a good gun for the price as long as your hand fits reasonably. It is a larger handled gun than many and because of the initial price there are not a lot of aftermarket modifications, such as grips, available for it even though there seem to be a lot of them in the field.

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