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Thread: Guns stored in vehicles in public school parking lots?

  1. It was ridiculous that in Oklahoma the schools freaked out over law enforcement dressed for work was not allowed on the property to drop off or pick up their own children. I'm glad common sense prevailed and they passed the new law to allow weapons in the car out of sight. Come on Nov. 1.


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    I teach CHL classes in Tx. As a teacher in Tx, I have also come up against this issue personally. I can understand the confusion but your wife can not have a firearm in her vehicle (education code trumps labor code in this case) UNLESS she has permission from administration. She should carefully check the teacher handbook for her district to make sure she didn't agree to the no firearm on school property rule. Signing her agreement in the handbook can be considered effective notice to not carry.

    I solved this by parking just off school property.

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