moving to Texas! Permit question
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Thread: moving to Texas! Permit question

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    moving to Texas! Permit question

    I just got a job offer in Houston and am very excited about moving my family to Texas.

    I'm just trying to figure out how to get our concealed carry permits without a lapse. My wife and I currently have GA resident permits, which are valid in TX as long as we're GA residents. So, once we get our TX driver's licenses, our GA permits are no longer valid. First of all, how long does it take to actually get the permit (in GA it took about 6 weeks before they arrived in the mail) and second, would it be worth it (or even possible) to get out-of-state permits and then convert them to resident permits?

    thanks for the guidance!

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    Well right now it will take about 12 weeks to get a Texas CHL.... I would see if Georgia offers a Non-resident permit and get yours transferred until you can get here and take the class..

    OH!......Welcome to TEXAS!!!
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  4. moving to Texas! Permit question

    Or get an AZ PERMIT quick.

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    Not sure where I heard this and not sure if it applies in TX, but something to the effect of the state will allow a 6 month extension until your Permit is approved. Not sure, but you can check for one and here in usacarry.
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    Here's the link to Texas DPS with most of the information you're looking for. I don't see your particular question answered, but go to the Contact link and you will see a way to contact them to ask them specifically your question and get a direct answer.
    TxDPS - Concealed Handgun Licensing
    Howdy and welcome to the Great State of Texas, hopefully the Lone Star Republic of Texas one of these days; or something like that anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OUTTAHERE View Post
    Howdy and welcome to the Great State of Texas, hopefully the Lone Star Republic of Texas one of these days; or something like that anyway.
    yeah....that's kind of one of the reasons we're moving there...I think Texas is the most likely state to "do" something and I want to be on the right side of the border if it happens...and since my wife is pregnant our kid will be a native Texan!

    Unfortunately, GA doesn't issue out of state permits so I'm probably SOL if I can't get an extension while my new permit is in processing...otherwise it's just too much hassle. By the time I pay for an out-of-state permit from Florida or Utah, pay for the permit, the class, wait....then do it all again for the Texas permit...I'll just wait it out.

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    Give DPS a call and get a final determination from them. They MIGHT honor the GA one for a limited time until you get your Texas CHL, but not necessarily. Check them out --- they're friendly too.
    Prices here are pretty affordable now. In most places you can get the class, and fingerprints done for $100 or so --- photos at Walmart for a few bucks. I think that the state is charging $40 for the paperwork and permit card. Delivery time varies but the last I time I got mine renewed I got if back from them in about 3 weeks.
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    I've never heard of extensions, but my CHL, (What it's called in Texas), took exactly 90 days!

  10. Maybe you can apply for your TX permits without changing your DL yet. It should depend on residency - which may be a matter of proving a job or a residence in the state. In many states you have 60 or 90 days to transfer that license AFTER you're a resident, and that is usually a 'revenue' issue not a legal one. Check TX statutes online.

    I'm going thru something similar in CO. I had to prove residency - and had to show my copy of the statute that defined residency - because local LE wanted a state DL. But once I did both they were fine with my application. No response yet tho' as the new commie anti- gun laws here hAve made the processing time 90 days due to the number of CWP applications.

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    BTW, here's the Concealed Handgun Laws so you can be studying up ahead of time.
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