CHL processing time
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Thread: CHL processing time

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    CHL processing time

    Anyone have an idea as to how far behind DPS is in processing CHL applications and renewals?

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    About 6 weeks

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    Mine and a friends both took almost 3 mo. for a renewal. I know of several new ones that were almost 3mo also.
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    Took me almost exactly 8 weeks. March 2009

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    CHL processing time

    Anyone know if DPS is still behind on new applications.

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    Three months, because of bad pictures!! 2/2/09-5/3/09

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    Post Delayed Application

    as a heads up, if you are a vet, and applying and claiming the exemption for the processing fee at DPS, include a copy of your LES or Orders with your application, this will prevent a delay in the process. I included a copy of my ID card, but that was not good enough. The class didn't mention anything about it. Who knows when mine will be complete. just more rules
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    Talking CHL wait

    Finally after 151 days, waiting on Harris and Galveston County back ground cks,

    "Application Completed - license issued or certificate active

    now the mail box wait begins

  10. My application was received in Austin on March 30. Returned for finger prints (actually, when they were taken I had my doubts), new digital prints received in Austin on June 6. Online status still says "Processing Application". April, May, June, July, August and now midway through September. Who knows, maybe I will set a new record for the longest wait for a CHL in Texas. The TWIC card from Homeland Security only took 3 weeks!!! Well,,, the wait continues in Harris County, Tx.

  11. I sent mine off July 15th and got it back September 22nd, I forgot to sign a paper thus increasing my wait time as well

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