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Thread: Im moving to Texas-License from Indiana

  1. Quote Originally Posted by kwc View Post
    By federal law, this is a true statement. And the GFSZA is another one of those ridiculous, and for all practical purposes, unenforceable laws.

    But note that it is very rare for local law enforcement to arrest for violation of federal laws, or to call in the "Feds," unless a person caught breaking the 1000' zone was also involved in something far more serious at the time, thereby warranting federal involvement.
    Logical, reasoned, excellent response. Thanks for the response.

  3. You can take this a step further. In Kansas they allow constitutional carry so no state issued carry permit so every citizen in the state of Kansas would be in violation of this federal law if they got within 1000 ft. Of a school carrying concealed but Kwc is right I doubt the FBI wants to get involved. When I was a Kansas LEO if we pickup a person from KCMO that had a outstanding warrant non felony, we would call KCMO and ask them if they wanted to send an officer over the state line to pick them up. If they said yes we would hold them fr an hour after that we let them go. Most of the time they would say they had no one available and we would let them go. I hope the FBI has more important things to do then hassle citizens.

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    Im moving to Texas-License from Indiana

    To directly address the OP's question, there are four issues to consider. Similar questions often arise here, and you could substitute any two states for IN and TX and answer the same questions.

    1. Gun-Free School Zone Act (discussed above): Suggests to me getting a TX license makes the most sense.

    2. Does TX recognize IN licenses issued to nonresidents? Yes--TX has reciprocity with IN, regardless of residency. Here's the agreement:

    3. Is your IN license valid once you are no longer an IN resident? I'm not sure, but you should research this. IN only issues to nonresidents who have a business or property in IN. That doesn't mean your license will be revoked immediately when you become a nonresident, but it might. It might also remain valid until it expires. Check with the ISP.

    4. Does TX allow its residents to carry on a license from another state? I don't see anything in the statutes that prohibit this. There could be case law that addresses this. We took a brief detour to discuss this in another thread that might be worth reviewing. Note another poster didn't agree with my interpretation. Review it and form your own conclusion. Start with post 29 here:

    Best advice I can offer is to simply get the TX CHL if you intend to become a resident there.

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    Just noticed the date on the original post: it was three months ago. And so far this was the OP's only one. I have a feeling he or she will never see this.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Pitbull11 View Post
    Section (a) sounds like this is talking about interstate transport. That makes sense for a federal law. Does not make sense if you are talking about a Texas citizen carrying concealed in the state of Texas with a permit from another state that is honored in the state of Texas.
    Quote Originally Posted by Pitbull11 View Post
    This Federal law has nothing to do with a person that legally owns his hand gun and has a recognized CHL for the state they live in, or has a permit from another state that is recognized by their state to legally travel with in 1000 feet of a school. Your trying to tie a federal law on selling transporting weapons illegally. Apples/oranges
    The ATF disagrees with you:

    I'm just presenting the factual information so people can make informed decisions. One must not confuse "not enforced" and "doesn't make sense" with "not illegal". It is illegal to carry a loaded gun on public property within 1000' of a school in any state other than a state that has actually issued you a license with the same state's name on it as where the school is located. It doesn't make sense and it is not enforced, but still illegal.
    Anyone who says, "I support the 2nd amendment, BUT"... doesn't. Element of Surprise: a mythical element that many believe has the same affect upon criminals that Kryptonite has upon Superman.

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