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Thread: Texas just enacted Castle Doctrine

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    Quote Originally Posted by texas 48 View Post
    I would think that it would incumbent on LE to know
    1. If you broke a law
    2. what law you broke.
    Otherwise an LEO could arrest or detain you for whatever they felt like at the time.
    If you're involved in a shooting you WILL be taking a ride in a cruiser. Your firearm and your CHL will be taken from you until the facts can be sorted out. It is the DA who really needs to understand the law in this case.

    Good post tex45acp. I like to say that when you need a cop right this second they are only minutes away.

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    Police Stop

    Quote Originally Posted by tex45acp View Post
    I am certainly glad it was voted in before the Clinton, the one that always had the biggest balls, gets voted in as the next Comanderess in Chief. If it were up to her and the others in her ring of idiots, we will be defending ourselves with clubs and slingshots.

    I certainly hope that the LEO's do take the time to read and understand the reason for the Castle Doctrine, especially the ones who are against Concealed Carry by honest, law abiding citizens. I have encountered one such LEO, in a general traffic stop, to make me aware I had a taillight out. When I presented him my CHL & DL as required, I told him I was carrying. He looked at me, paused and asked If I felt that my life was in immediate danger, he also asked if I thought he was incapable of protecting my life. I asked him if he was going to be with me 24/7, 365, because if not, he would not be able to protect me. He admitted that he could not be everywhere all the time and that they were very understaffed. I then said, "and that is exactly why I choose to carry to defend my life and the life of my family and /or friends". He just gave me the CHL and DL back, told me to get the taillight fixed asap and got in his cruiser and waited for me to drive off. Of the three traffic stops in the five years I have had my CHL, he is the only one against the CHL I have run across.


    I had an encounter the other day that was very positive. I was stopped in Fort worth because of a brake light out. I handed the officer my drivers licence and my CHL. He looked at them then asked me who I was going to vote for for president. I said not sure yet but was pretty sure it would not be a Democrat. I said I liked Ron Paul but did not think he had a chance. He then told me he felt pretty much like me but thought Fred Thompson might be o.k. He said he knew if I appretiated my 2nd amendment rights I would be voting and that he and I were pretty much in agreement. The last thing he said was, by the way the reason I stopped you was to let you know you have a light out.

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    Welcome to the club. The Castle Doctrine is a good, common sense, law. Every state should enact it. Too bad they won't.

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    Texas has some of the most liberal use of force laws in the country. It's nice to have the 'stand your ground' doctrine so that we don't have to worry about civil suits any longer.

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    Back To The Slingshot For A Second

    Her Majesty the Clintoness would have had David drawn and quartered for what he did to poor Goliath.

    Hitting him between the eyes with that stone.

    MY MY what is this would coming to.
    The Shadow

    The Shadow Knows What Evil Lurks In The Hearts Of Men

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