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    May 2008
    Zavalla, Texas
    Angelina County - North end of what's left of the Big Thicket area.

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    I live in A-Town(slang for Arlington)
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  4. East Dallas, TX

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    Clear Lake area in Houston

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    Hey krazyk, I live in A-Town too. Only that is our slang for Allen! Allen, TEXAS

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    The Heart of Dixie
    A small municipality called Moody which is about 17 miles east of Birmingham off I-20. It's about a 30 minute drive to Talladega Super Speedway from my house and I can get to Atlanta in about 2 and half hours.

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    Kingwood Texas
    Kingwood Texas

  9. Arlington,Tx and soon moving to North Carolina... Not a good trade...

  10. Lufkin...

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    far north in nys closer to canada then nyc and just next door to vt.

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